Vanilla Chai Latte


Go to Fall Drink!

Chai is the perfect feel good Fall drink! The mix of tea, milk and spices makes for a comforting morning beverage on a chilly morning or relaxing hot cocoa substitute before bed. Chai should always be strong with spice and not too sweet or watery.

Chai originally comes from India and the name itself means tea. Typically it is a rich black tea with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and ginger. Transcending Tea carries a traditional Masala Chai which is delicious if you are looking for that strong spice and caffeine! Our Vanilla Chai is popular because it’s an herbal based tea, you get all the favorite spices but no caffeine. Below we have put together our Vanilla Chai Latte recipe. This homemade Vanilla Chai Latte will beat out your favorite coffee shop, just give it a try!

- Steep 4 tbs of Vanilla Chai in 6oz of 210°F water

- Steam 6oz of milk (we chose coconut milk because of it’s natural sweetness)

- Pour 4oz of Vanilla Chai into your mug

-Add the 6oz of steamed milk on top

-Add whipped cream to top it off (optional)

Enjoy your homemade Chai

Transcending Tea