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About Us

For Tea Lovers.
By Tea Lovers.

Transcending Tea, LLC is an Atlanta-based premium loose leaf tea company with owners and staff who simply love tea.  Tea isn’t just a drink, it’s a lifestyle.  We are passionate about helping you discover tea culture, educating you about tea, and assisting you along their tea journey.  We want you to have the highest quality, premium loose leaf tea and tea accessories that fit perfectly into your lifestyle, so shop with us.  Our greatest desire, though, is for you to enjoy your tea!



Bellini Cocktail


Bellini Sunset (2oz)
Sparkling Wine (4oz)

Instructions (Serves 2)

  • Steep 2tbl of Bellini Sunset in 6oz of 210°F

  • This makes 4oz of tea. Split the tea and put 2oz in 2 Champagne flutes.

  • Add 4oz of sparkling wine to each flute.

  • Sip & enjoy your new favorite Summer brunch drink!